Among the wreckage and homes pillaged by the tornado Sunday evening, will be a beacon of hope for Vilonia and Mayflower residence. This morning a caravan of two Arkansas Foodbank trucks traveled to the distressed areas.  Through relief partners and volunteer donations, food and water are being provided. National partner to the Arkansas Foodbank, Feeding America has brought support to enable the Arkansas Foodbank “to continue to provide both emergency and long term support to families,” said Tyler Lindsey. Food and water will be supplied through local pantries as well as direct community deliveries. 

“During a widespread disaster such as this there are so many who will need both short and long term support to help them pick up the pieces of their lives,” said Rhonda Sanders, the Foodbank’s chief executive officer. “ The Arkansas Foodbank and our local partners can help them with the most basic necessity of food so they can focus their energies on rebuilding.”
“The Arkansas Foodbank as always is committed to providing the resources to acquire, store and distribute food to those who are hungry.  A major part of this commitment is providing food during a time of disaster,” said Lindsey.
To donate food and water visit the Arkansas Foodbank warehouse at 4301 W. 65th Street, Little Rock.

For information on donations and volunteer opportunities visit