There was a huge volunteer response over the weekend to begin cleaning up debris and gathering what personal belongings can be gathered in the aftermath of April 27’s tornado, Team Rubicon public information officer Wes Craiglow said on Monday.

But the job of picking up the pieces and putting right what can be put right is also huge, and far from finished. Cleanup crews composed of corporate, school, church and civic groups have been scheduled for specific work orders through the week, "but nobody is going to be turned away," Craiglow said.

As of today, here’s what volunteers need to know:

• Groups of 10 or more should call Team Rubicon’s assistance request/volunteer hotline — (469) 301-1865 — the day before they plan to work to help Team Rubicon coordinate the day’s efforts;

• The First Baptist Church volunteer resource center (volunteer check-in) is closed. Anyone wanting to check in at Vilonia will go to Beryl Baptist Church (In Mayflower, volunteers should go to the former Mayflower Outdoors site at 57 Interstate Drive, and volunteers can also check in at Team Rubicon’s main volunteer resource center at Home Depot in Conway);

• Volunteer check-in will be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. until further notice. The volunteer resource centers will be open until 7 p.m. to accept completed work orders, but no work crews will be dispatched after 2 p.m.;

• Not all of the jobs volunteers are being assigned involve heavy lifting, but most do. Volunteers are asked to show up wearing boots and pants, and with work gloves and eye/ear protection if they have them.