At least two mysterious deaths in the Greenbrier area have some worried that "bad dope" may be going around, according to an unofficial source.

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office and Greenbrier Police department have asked Arkansas State Police investigators to look into two deaths in Greenbrier, according to a press release issued by FCSO Tuesday evening.

State police are being asked to "investigate two similar deaths while [the deceased was] being detained," the release reads. "Each Department received calls from citizens stating that [the deceased] were acting abnormal. Both cases have been turn over to the State Police at the request of Sheriff Andy Shock and Chief Gene Earnhart."

A FCSO incident report describes one of the deaths that happened just past noon on Sunday east of Greenbrier. The reporting deputy, Johnny Fowlkes, writes in the report that he was at an animal complaint near the area when he was called to respond to a "suspicious person" report. Fowlkes saw the man "walking around in a driveway" and "yelling and screaming," he wrote, and "talking, but in a manner that I could not understand."

Fowlkes also wrote that he recognized the man as someone who went to the same gym he does, and that the man "had always been respectful … and would inquire about my profession." Fowlks immediately suspected that he was "possibly on something," he wrote.

The man got on the ground and put his hands behind his back as instructed, according to the report, but resisted being handcuffed. After the cuffs were on, he was "thrashing about" and Fowlkes called for MEMS paramedics and backup. One of the people who had gathered around the scene said he was a firefighter, and he and and Fowlkes tried to hold the man still until other deputies and state police arrived, the report states.

"I asked [the man] what he had taken to cause the reaction he was having, and all I could understand was, ‘You don’t want to know,’" the report reads. "I thought [the man] said ‘I’m going to be sick,’ [and] at that time [he] was rolled slightly to his right side. [The man] then stopped talking and at [that] moment I noticed his ears turning blue. [The man] was immediately turned onto his back and CPR was started."

A state trooper and a FCSO Corporal helped with CPR until MEMS arrived and took the man. Fowlkes writes that he later learned that the man had died.

The FCSO Corporal wrote in a supplemental report that he was driving to the scene and heard Fowlkes asking over the radio where MEMS was and "saying he needed them to hurry and get there." He, Fowlkes and the state trooper took turns doing CPR chest compressions while a volunteer firefighter used a CPR rescue breath mask.

An on-call employee with the Greenbrier Police Department was asked at around 8:00 Tuesday night, when this newspaper found out that there were multiple similar deaths, if the Greenbrier Chief of Police or any designated information officer could give more information. As of 1 a.m. today they hadn’t called with any additional comment.

It has not been released through any official source that either of the deaths had anything to do with drugs, but a source close to the story said on condition of anonymity that it’s possible, and maybe likely, that some sort of tainted or especially dangerous drug may be in circulation, and that people should be aware of it.

The Log Cabin is reporting information from an unofficial source in this instance because of the need for the public to be aware of a possible significant danger. We will continue to cover this story.