The Arkansas State Police is still investigating at least two recent deaths in Faulkner County believed to have been caused by an especially dangerous batch of illegal drugs.

"No illegal drug is a good drug, but from appearances there might be something especially dangerous out there," Faulkner County Sheriff Andy Shock said.

Shock said he can’t comment further because of the ongoing ASP investigation. Bill Sadler, the ASP spokesperson, said he couldn’t comment beyond confirming that ASP investigators would be advising the local prosecuting attorney’s office when the investigation concludes. Greenbrier Police Department officials and the Faulkner County Coroner’s office have not returned calls for comment.

A source close to the story said a third death in another county may be linked to the same "batch" of an illegal CNS stimulant that could have been involved in the Faulkner County deaths. CNS stimulants include Methamphetamine and cocaine-based illegal drugs.