The results are in. Though unofficial, Faulkner, Van Buren and Searcy counties are reporting complete results. Mike Murphy won his 20th Judicial District judgeship by a narrow margin, and Troy Braswell won his by an even narrower one.

"I'm incredibly humbled by the results of the vote tonight and look forward to serving the people of the 20th Judicial District," Braswell said in a text message to the Log Cabin. "Joe Don Winningham is a class act, and in an age where contentious politics are the norm, Joe Don made it possible for us to focus on our experience and what we brought to the table for the voters to consider. 

"This was no more evidence than when he called me tonight to congratulate me on winning a close race."

Winningham said that he wanted to "thank my family and my supporters and friends and let them know how much I appreciate them, and I want to wish Mr. Braswell the very best in serving the people of the 20th Judicial District; He ran a great race."

Latest 20th Judicial District election results including complete but unofficial but complete results from Faulkner, Van Buren and Searcy counties:

Circuit Division 1

Amy Brazil—8227

Mike Murphy—8588

Circuit Division 2

Troy Braswell—8417

Joe Don Winningham—8334

Circuit Division 4

Angela Byrd—6674

David Clark—10,007

Circuit Division 5

Doralee Chandler—7041

H.G. Foster—9661

9:52 p.m. Election Day results: Unofficial but complete Faulkner County results (totals including early/absentee voting)

Faulkner County Sheriff

Andy Shock—6584

Joe Taylor—2446

County Clerk Republican Primary

Marvin Lessmann—3808

Margaret Darter—4484

JP District 7 Republican primary

Chris Green—155

Linda Norris—134

JP District 6 Republican Primary

Bob Gregory—240

Dan Thessing—254

US Congress (Republican primary)

Representative Ann Clemmer—1507 

French Hill—4475

Colonel Conrad Reynolds—2864

Governor (Republican primary)

Curtis Coleman—3251

Asa Hutchinson—5575

Lt. Governor 

Congressman Tim Griffin—6512

State Representative Andy Mayberry—1639

Representative Debra Hobbs—799 

Attorney General

Patricia Nation—910

Leslie Rutledge—3727

David Sterling—3794

State Treasurer 

Representative Duncan Baird—4129

Circuit Clerk Dennis Milligan—4003

Auditor of State 

Representative Andrea Lea—6089

Ken Yang—2239

State Senate District 18 

Senator Missy Thomas Irvin—252

Phil Grace—156

Governor (Democratic Primary

Lynette "Doc" Bryant—352

Mike Ross—2938

State Supreme Court Associate Justice 

Court of Appeals Judge Robin Wynne—5598

Tim Cullen—5223