The local "wet" ballot initiatives have passed the first hurtle in Craighead and Saline counties, but the Our Community, Our Dollars committee will be gathering more signatures before filing in Faulkner County.

July 7 is the first day to file the signatures, but signatures can be gathered until Aug. 5, according to a release from Our Community, Our Dollars. 

"[A]t least 38 percent of registered voters in each county must sign a petition confirming their desire to bring the matter to a vote," on the Nov. 4 ballot, the release reads.

"In Saline County, 25,917 signatures were filed with the 38 percent threshold representing approximately 25,600 signatures there; and 20,956 submitted in Craighead County with the 38 percent threshold representing approximately 20,000 signatures there."

... "it would be closer to the Aug. 5 final deadline before Our Community, Our Dollars files petitions in [Faulkner County]. Our Community, Our Dollars will continue to collect signatures in all three counties."

"We did get off to a late start in Faulkner due to the tragic tornados that hit Mayflower and Vilonia and our desire to let those communities focus on their recovery efforts before collecting signatures," committee spokesperson Natalie Ghidotti said in an email just before 5 p.m.

"But even with the late start, we are more than three-quarters there in terms of the necessary signatures to file. When we reach the 38 percent threshold of registered voters, we will file appropriately with the County Clerk. " committee spokesperson Natalie Ghidotti said."