Disinfecting wipes* Boxes of Kleenex*, 1 ream (pkg) copy paper (letter size) from each student*

Please do not bring hand sanitizer. *turn into the media center during open house (rm 107)

FLASH DRIVE - 7™ - 12™1 zippered pouch for pens and pencils - T"' -12th1 pkg. #2 pencils sharpened for first day, or mechanical pencils with additional lead - 7th - 12th2 each of red, blue and black ink pens - 7th - 12th2 yellow highlighted - 7th -12th1 pkg. 3x5 index cards, lined – 9th - 12thWhite-out - 9th -12™Color Pencils (for maps) - 7th -. 10th2" square post-it notes - 7th, 8th, 10th (history)2 pkg 200 count loose leaf college rule notebook paper (not spiral bound notebooks) 7th -12th12" ruler with inched and centimeters3 ring binders - Bible , English, Math, History, Science 9th ~ 12thTrapper keeper large enough for pocket dividers and paper for (Science, History, English, Math) 7th - 8thFive pocket divider'1; (to fit in 3 ring binder) - 10th History1 folder with pockets - 9th , 10th EnglishTab dividers for binder - 9th, 10th EnglishComposition notebook - College Writing , Writing Lab Spanish 1, Spanish 11.7th & 8th History & ScienceGREEN lightweight' folder with brads and pockets - 7" EnglishBLUE lightweight folder with brads and pockets - 8th EnglishSpiral Notebook - •'10th BiblePerforated Spiral Notebook - Math 7Protractor and compass Pre-Alg., Math 7 and GeometryGraph paper - 7th " 12"' MathsTI 30X US calculator - 7th& 8th Pre-Algebra, Math 7Tt-83 or Tl-84 Graining calculator - Alg. 1, 1 a, 1 b, Alg. 2, Alg. 3,College Algebra, and CalculusCheap set of earbuds to be left in the locker all the time for computer lab (Not the ones your child will want to take in the car. Please label these with tape.) - 7th, 8th, 10th (History)Locks for lockers must be purchased at High School Office - $10.00(returning students will use last year's locks)P.E. uniforms - can be ordered during open house through the Athletic office with Kirn Powell