A 23-year-old Mayflower man facing a first-degree murder charge pleaded not guilty Monday to the Oct. 2 shooting death of 44-year-old Issac Jermaine Scott.

Scott was found shot to death around 3 a.m. Oct. 2 outside Building C Apartment A at Queens Manor Apartments in Mayflower.

Sheriff’s deputies began searching for Phalon D’Vell Tennant-Harmon and his 18-year-old brother after Scott was found shot to death.

Chief Deputy Coroner Jessica Thorn said Scott suffered two gunshot wounds — one to his inner right thigh and the other to his back, underneath the right scapula.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Tennant-Harmon’s mother alerted authorities of the shooting incident.

A witness told sheriff’s office investigators that Tennant-Harmon and his brother, Rahzel Tennant, got into an argument with the victim minutes before the shooting incident.

[The witness] said Phalon Tennant and his brother Rahzel Tennant came out of apartment 10 in building C then shot the victim as he was standing on the ground in front of apartment 10 which is on the second floor," the affidavit reads. "[The witness] explained he had a friendly relationship with Danielle Tennant, who is the mother of Phalon and Rahzel Tennant. [The witness] said Phalon and Rahzel were upset with him about the relationship and did not even know the person who was shot. [The witness] said the reason they were having issues with the victim was because he and the victim were hanging out together."

According to the affidavit, police tracked Tennant-Harmon’s phone after his mother gave authorities his number.

The brothers were picked up in Crawford County near Alma, eight miles from the Oklahoma state line, at 10:45 a.m. Oct. 2, nearly eight hours after the incident was reported to FCSO.

Spokesman Adam Bledsoe said deputies were able to track the suspect vehicle traveling westbound on Interstate 40, and the Arkansas State Police was able to conduct a felony stop of the white Buick. At the time, FCSO wanted both brothers for questioning.

Following questioning, Tennant-Harmon was booked into the county jail on suspicion of first-degree murder and possession of a controlled substance.

Tennant was released after recalling the events leading up to and during the shooting incident.

Tennant told authorities he and Scott were arguing on the upstairs balcony in front of Apartment 10 following an incident where Scott attempted to kiss Tennant’s mother.

Scott was shot when he walked away from Tennant, according to Tennant’s statement.

"Rahzel said after Mr. Scott walked down the stairs he was mumbling, ‘he was talking uh messing with my brother at this point my brother just you know he just clocked it back, I heard it, like that,’" he told authorities while making a motion with his hands as if he was pulling back the slide on a handgun. "‘Then I see him like dancing like that like trying to get away from bullet shots there are seven of them I never saw my brother shoot but I saw like seven and heard them and I was right there.’"

Tennant-Harmon admitted during a post-Miranda interview with sheriff’s investigators to shooting Scott.

"Phalon said wgen he and his brother got to Queens Manor they encountered Mr. Scott who was drunk and messing with his little brother after Scott got between Rahzel and his mother," the affidavit reads. "Phalon said Mr. Scott was making threats to shoot them.

"Phalon Tennant said he shot Mr. Scott while Scott was standing in the parking lot and all of the shots were made from the upstairs balcony. Phalon said the gun was a .22 Smith and Wesson semi automatic and he threw it out on White City Road around the White City Park."

FCSO took Phalon-Tennant to the area and searched for the gun with negative results.

Phalon-Tennant, who is currently being held in the county jail in lieu of a $1 millon bond, is set to appear next in Faulkner County Circuit Court at 9 a.m. Jan. 4 for a pretrial hearing.