Whether they sang, danced or played an instrument, all entrants in the talent show held last week at Vilonia Middle School gymnasium were winners.

Students performed solos, as duos and as trios. Outfits were varied from sparkly outfits to jeans, shorts as well as high heels, tennis shoes and flip flops. The majority of the student entertainers belted out songs ranging from those with a patriotic theme to tear-jerkers.  The only payoff for the students was the cheering and clapping from an audience of friends, family and classmates. 

The payoff for the school, organizers said, was three-fold. The attendance fees will go towards the purchase of a stage.

"We want a stage of our own," said teacher Kim Lacy, show organizer.  As well, the show was a way for some talented students to be recognized, she added. 

"Most importantly, it was a way to open the doors for parents," Lacy offered. "Anytime you can invite parents into their child’s school, you are promoting parental involvement. "It also was fun for the kids to showcase their abilities."

While this is the first year for the talent show, Lacy anticipates it will be a regular event from now on. 

"We really want this to grow," she concluded. "Students can start now preparing for next year."

Students who performed included sixth-grader Austin Watt singing "I’m Yours," seventh-grader Tiffany Moreno singing "Anyway," and seventh-grader Olivia Davidson singing "Traveling Soldier," which she dedicated to the memory of her late grandfather.

Trio group Bekah Wilkes, Tawnee Hodges and Marli Stephens, all sixth-graders, sang "Our Song." Also, sixth-grader Libby Holbrook sang "I Miss You," sixth-grader Whitley Dillon sang "Fearless,"  a guitar solo "I Dreamed There Was No War," was performed by seventh-grader Trevor Harp; seventh-grader Corie Gunter sang "Temporary Home," and seventh-grader Georgie Smith sang "Each One, Reach One." 

Seventh-grade trio Audrey Vierick, Britany Cargile and Kimberlee Sax sang "Love Story." Sixth-graders Danielle Smith and Tori Wade sang a duet, "A Gift of A Friend," and a duet of fifth-graders, Angela Chambers and Savannah Batty, sang "Baby." 

Bailee Thorn, a fifth-grader, closed the show with "Never Alone."