At 7:30 a.m. Friday morning, the first Stuck on a Truck contestant to let go after 19 hours and 30 minutes.

Contestant #18, Kevin Colton, is now out of the race to win the new truck.

Eric King, marketing director for Centennial Bank, said even though temperatures have dropped, most people have remained faithful to their quest to win a new bright red 2013 Ford F150 pickup truck.

"Everyone's still holding on," King said. 

At 8 a.m. the temperatures were around 40 degrees, and King said they were able to turn on heaters for the contestants around 4 a.m.

Temperatures are expected to be this low again tonight and early tomorrow.

General rules for participants during the event are below (complete set available at ) :

All contestants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older on May 2, 2013, to participate in the "Stuck on a Truck" competition.

All contestants will be subjected to a urinalysis at the beginning of the contest to ensure they are not under the influence of illegal drugs, any controlled substance or a stimulant causing a positive drug test. This test will be performed by an independent lab at the expense of the "Stuck on a Truck" sponsors. There will be random urinalysis during the remainder of the contest. If use of an illegal drug or controlled substance is detected from any contestant, such contestant will be disqualified. Any contestant may be disqualified should their continued participation threaten their health and well-being as decided by the attending judge.

Identification must be provided at all times. 

During the actual "Stuck on a Truck" competition, contestants will be given a five (5) minute break each hour. Once every six (6) hours, contestants will be given a 15 minute break. Except during permitted breaks, one hand must remain on the vehicle at all times. A contestant may not sit, lie, lean, kneel, squat, stand against or otherwise use the vehicle to support his/her body. Contestants must wear T-shirts provided by the "Stuck on a Truck" competition at all times. Only contestants, judges, sponsors and officials will be allowed in the "Stuck on a Truck" area.

All logo hats and caps must be approved by the "Stuck on a Truck" competition.

Any profanity or harassment by any contestant or supporter of contestant will result in immediate disqualification of contestant.

Centennial Bank will appoint judges to determine compliance with all official rules. All judges' decisions are final and binding on all contestants. Failure to comply fully with all official rules shall be grounds for immediate disqualification of contestant.

Each contestant will be provided a pit area for their personal belongings and to use for their breaks. Only two (2) support-crew members per contestant will be allowed in the designated pit area at a time. Credentials will be given and any outside assistance will constitute disqualification. Contestants leaving the competition will only be released by event staff to a member of their support crew. If no support crew is present, the contestant must remain at the site until a support crew member arrives.

If severe weather ensues at any point in the contest, contestants will be moved to Centennial Bank where they will wait until the weather breaks and the contest resumes.

No previous "Stuck on a Truck"first place finishers will be allowed to enter.