Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Third-degree battery, Broadview Avenue. A 14-year-old Conway resident reported to police on Wednesday that as he was walking home from school in the area of Gatlin Park, an unknown group of suspects hit him in the head, knocking him to the ground. The boy told police that he believes a black male and two white males then began kicking him, but said it was difficult to see who had attacked him because he had a hood over his head. The boy said after he was kicked "a couple times," the assailants ran away. According to the report, the boy had no visible marks or any other signs of being involved in an altercation.

• Property damage, Galleria Cove. A homeowner at a residence in the 5000 block of Galleria Cove reported Wednesday that he was inside of his home around 5:40 p.m. when he heard a crash at the west side of the house. According to the report, the home’s exterior brick and drywall were damaged after a vehicle had crashed into the house at a bay window area near the home’s kitchen. A woman at the scene said she backed her vehicle out of a neighboring garage, then turned the vehicle off and exited the car before going back inside her home. When she returned back outside, she found her vehicle across the street and against the man’s home. The woman said she put the vehicle in park prior to exiting the vehicle, but was unsure whether she had set the parking brake.

• Third-degree battery, Robins Street. A Conway woman contacted police Wednesday to report that her son, age six, had been pepper sprayed at school by another child. The woman said she received a call from the school around 4 p.m. informing her of the incident and told police she wanted a report filed with the department. Police issued the woman a report number and advised that she speak with the superintendent and principal about the incident, along with the school resource officer, since the incident occurred on school grounds.

• Misdemeanor warrant arrest, Old Morrilton Highway. Police were contacted Wednesday by a man who reported that he was aware of active warrants from Faulkner County for his sister’s arrest. The man told police his sister was staying at Stacy Motel in Conway, so they could "talk to her and pick her up." Police contacted the woman at the motel to inform her of the warrants. The woman said she was aware of them and turned herself in to police voluntarily. She was transported to Faulkner County Detention Center and jailed.

• Theft of property, East Oak Street. The owner of Larry’s Auto Sales filed a report with police on Thursday after noticing a Chevrolet Blazer valued at $5,500 missing from his car lot. The man said he bought the vehicle several months ago from another dealership and that on Tuesday, he had allowed someone to test drive the car. That person was "gone for quite a while," according to the report. The owner advised the individual was a tall, black male and it was the second time the man had driven the vehicle. The owner said he had no idea whether the individual could have taken the car and that he did not know of anyone else who may have stolen the vehicle. The owner reported the vehicle had no aftermarket parts, but it did have a dent in the rear hatch, as well as on the right side of the rear bumper. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the vehicle. The owner was issued a report number and advised to call police with any additional information.

• Arson, Watkins Street. Officers were dispatched to a home in the 400 block of Watkins Street around 5:12 a.m. Sunday, where a Ford F-150 was fully engulfed in flame. The owner of the vehicle told police that he went outside around 5 a.m. to retrieve something from the vehicle then went back into the home to use the bathroom. The man said he then heard his mother screaming, and walked out to see the truck on fire. The man reported be believes a woman, with whom he had a disagreement over the recent sale of a Dodge truck she had sold him, set the truck on fire by throwing something in the back. The man reported that about a month ago, after buying the truck from the woman, she came to his home and removed the truck from the driveway. The man said he contacted police, but no one responded to the scene to take a report. The man said that other than that, he had no reason to believe the woman was the offender. The scene was turned over to CID and an investigator with the Conway Fire Department. Police were unable to obtain a VIN number from the truck due to the damage. The truck’s value was estimated at $2,000.

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