Tips from concerned citizens led to the arrest of a Conway man accused of bootlegging alcohol from inside his residence in Oakwood Village mobile home park.

Jesus Jose Becerra, 44, was arrested by police on Friday after officers raided the residence and confiscated 78 gallons of beer, some in single cans; and just over a gallon of liquor that was stashed throughout the home, including inside of the dryer.

Police said the man admitted to selling alcohol out of his home, and reportedly told officers he could sell all of the alcohol found inside of the home on a single Friday night.

The estimated value of the booze is $800, but police noted that Becerra could have profited about $600 from the markup on the alcohol.

The confiscated liquor was destroyed and the bottles and cans were sent for recycling.

Becerra faces two counts of distribution of alcohol without a permit.

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