Race days are coming to Toad Suck Daze. Runners and Bicyclists alike have been training for these Toad races all year (or all week) and the time are coming close.

The 2014 race season opens May 3rd with both the Toad Suck Daze run and the Tour de Toad. Worry not running and biking enthusiasts, the events are far enough apart that both can be entered.

New this year is the Iron Toad event. Individuals who complete both the Toad Suck Daze run and the Tour de Toad receive this glamorous title. Registration for these events can be done online. For those eager to know the course, we have provided the official maps below.

Toad Suck Daze 5k

Both the 5K and 10K courses start northbound on Bellmeade, on the west side of the Conway High School football field. There is a left turn onto Meadow Drive, about 250 feet north of the start line. The courses continue on Meadow and Sunset, followed by a right hand turn back onto Bellmeade. The courses turn left onto Lee Ave, then left again onto Eastfield for a few hundred feet. The left turn onto Independence Street has a drainage ditch crossing the road, so be careful through this turn. The course then turns right onto Manor, with another immediate turn onto Hairston, entering a long straight stretch for both courses.

After crossing Donaghey, one block later, both courses turn right onto Watkins, with the split of the courses coming at the next block. At Independence Street, the 5K course will break off to the left, go one block to Mitchell, turn left onto Mitchell, then another left onto Hairston. There is a water stop located at this point. The 5K course continues on Hairston and makes its way back to the stadium and the finish line.

Toad Suck Daze 10k

After the 5k breaks off, the 10K course will continue south on Mitchell for a good long straight stretch. The course then turns left onto Cross Street for one block, then left again onto Mitchell. There is a water stop at this location, the first one on the 10K course. The course then heads north on Mitchell until coming to Independence, where the course takes a right hand turn. Be on the lookout for 5K runners that are also making a turn through this intersection from the left. At Independence, the 10K course takes a right turn for one block, and then another right onto Davis. The course is heading south again, and proceeds to Prince Street. At Prince, the course makes a left turn for two blocks, then another left on to Faulkner. At the curve, Faulkner turns into Duncan. The course then proceeds to North Ash Street, and turns right for one block to Mill Street. Another block on Mill Street, and the course turns back to the left and proceeds north to Independence. The course takes a left onto Independence, and after one block makes a right onto Davis. At this point, there may be oncoming traffic from a previous part of the course. Continue north to Hairston. Once making a left turn onto Hairston, the course proceeds back across Donaghey following the same outbound route back to the stadium and the finish line.

Tour de Toad 25 miles

Tour de Toad 46 miles

For more information visit: www.toadsuck.org/other-events