There have been several calls to county authorities and this newspaper from people trying to find any information about loved ones who haven’t been in touch since Sunday night’s tornado.

The county released the names of the confirmed dead on Monday.

According to County Attorney David Hogue, public information officer for this disaster, the county’s plan included compiling a list of missing and unaccounted-for, but "I’ve been asking for a list of missing, and our law enforcement officers are telling us that they really don’t know of anybody missing at this time."

If anyone does know of someone who is missing or unaccounted-for, Hogue said, they need to contact law enforcement in the jurisdiction where the missing person lives or might be.

For missing Mayflower residents, for example, contact the Mayflower Police Department and let officers there know that the person is missing — and likewise for Vilonia residents. If the person lived outside of Mayflower or Vilonia, in an unincorporated area, they should call the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

Vilonia Police Department: (501) 796-8170

Mayflower Police Department: (501) 470-1000

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office: (501) 450-4914