Recent posts on Facebook in Vilonia

I am so thankful we have the storm shelters in Vilonia that we have...saved so many people last night....our hearts are just broken....  John 11:35 "Jesus wept."  He is weaping with us today. — B.J. Thorn

We are ok. It went right behind us apparently. We've heard about a lot of damage and houses being destroyed. Please pray for those who have been hit. It's a long recovery process. — Terina Atkins

Thank you everyone for checking on us, our crew is safe. The damage to our community is indescribable at this time. It has been a long night, but the support of literally almost every other EMS community in this state has helped bring us to daylight. Our city is broken, but stronger than any storm. The Vilonia Fire Dept, Vilonia Police Dept, OEM, and National Guard (along with too many other entities to name) have done an outstanding job of holding this town together. We are humbled, we are thankful, and we are proud to be part of Team Vilonia. — Air Evac 30 Vilonia

I'm sorry to all of you who were so worried. We took cover this time. Then service was out for a long time. We have friends who lost everything. Our town is devastated once again. It breaks my heart to see so much damage. I always try to remain strong but this was hard, especially when my dear friend broke down in my arms. And a little boy who didn't know me accepted me with open arms and said, my house looks like a paper Shredder ate it. Some sweet little kids just cried in my arms.  LORD, give us your strength, oh how we need you.  — Althea Ferren

Thank you Jesus for keeping my family safe. We left Nick and Heather's last night about 15 or 20 minutes before it hit to go to the new tornado shelter in Vilonia. When we went back to check their whole neighborhood was gone. Please pray for all of those people. My son and his wife and children lost there home and vehicles but they are all safe. Not everyone is fortunate to say that this morning. I am praying for those people. — Judi Callahan, Conway

To everyone local who might want to help. At this time we need shovels, work gloves and Rubbermaid type bins. Garbage bags might be good too. If you can't get to Vilonia, maybe we can meet midway to Conway or surrounding areas. — Michal Caudle Swain