Issued this morning by County Attorney David Hogue:

President Barack Obama has issued a Declaration for Individual Assistance to provide aide to the victims of the April 27 storm in Faulkner County.

Individuals can register for this financial assistance in the following manners:

• Apply online at

• Apply via a mobile device at

• Call the registration telephone line at 1.800.621.3362, (for TTY call 1.800.462.7585 or for 711 or video relay call 1.800.621.3362.

Residents can dispose of debris by placing debris at the road in front of their property for pick-up, or by using a contractor. When placing debris at roadside, residents should be careful not to cover or impede access to utility meters, as meters may be damaged during removal. Residents opting for roadside pick-up must separate debris into six (6) categories:

• Vegetative debris (tree limbs, shrubs, etc)

• Construction/Demolition debris

• White goods (appliances, etc)

• E-goods (tv’s, electronics)

• Household hazardous (cleaning solutions, automotive chemicals, etc)

• Normal household garbage (will be picked by normal means)

Contractors are responsible for disposal of debris they handle. Contractor debris is not eligible for pickup under FEMA regulations. If a property owner’s debris is moved to the roadside by a contractor, the city/county will not pick it up as it will not qualify for financial assistance related to such debris removal.

Residents should be aware that FEMA does not approve any particular contractors, but there are contractors who are barred by FEMA to qualify for financial assistance. If a contractor presents himself as "FEMA approved," the property owner should contact FEMA to check such credentials.