Title: Sports Columnist/Editor

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Years in Industry/ Years at LCD: 46/32

Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams and/or Stripes

Interesting Fact: Professionally, I’ve covered NCAA and high school championships at every level plus a Winter Olympics and a Presidential Inauguration. Personally, Linda Thompson, Elvis’ old flame and an old high school chum, is a Facebook friend.

If someone made a movie about your life who would play you: Steve Carell for the early years and David McCallum (only has to change one letter in the name) for the later years.

Favorite part of Industry: Getting the first shot at writing history. Being able to play a part in transitioning the industry from the typewriter, letterpress print and one-platform days to a high-tech culture of multiple devices, multiple platforms and instant information. And hopefully, playing a small role in the transformation and revival of an industry that some think is dying. I do not.