Title: Advertising Sales Executive

Hometown: Poplar Grove, AR

Years in Industry/Years at LCD: Two & a half years. 

Favorite Movie: It is a tie between Driving Miss Daisy & Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Interesting Fact:  When I was a teenager, I had a horrible car accident that should have killed me instantly. Especially because I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. But I actually only had a few minor cuts and bruises. The people that picked up my car didn’t believe the policeman when he said I lived. I wear my seatbelt EVERY time now. 

If someone made a movie about your life who would play you: Myself! I can be shy but put me on a stage and I come alive. 

Favorite Part of Industry:  The people. I work with business owners from all types of industries and I feel that I have been able to collect a wealth of knowledge from all these movers and shakers. I also love helping to grow their businesses with advertising and see the results with their businesses growing and expanding.