The Sack Lunch Social for Homeschoolers of Greenbrier recently held a student-led shopping trip to Kroger to purchase food for the Bethlehem House in Conway.

Lindsey Sublett, a representative with the group, said they delivered the food and were given a tour. She said the Bethlehem House also spoke with them about how the house provides for those in need within the community.

"We talked about a student-led shopping trip and also mentioned gathering food for an organization that could help those in need around the holidays," Sublett said. "This combined effort turned out to be the best of both worlds."

She said as parents of homeschoolers, they try to find ways for the kids to experience as much as possible, particularly finding ways to relate to organizations nearby, like the Bethlehem House.

"We also enjoy spending time as a group to get to know other kids and families so we plan field trips to give the students that experience as well," Sublett said.

She said the students seemed to take this project even more serious than others.

"Many didn’t realize there were people in Conway without homes to call their own while others were surprised to hear that there were people who live out of their vehicles or in homes without power or water," Sublett said. "They also learned how to look for items on a grocery list, how to use coupons and even how to check out on their own at the self-checkouts at the grocery store. That was a learning experience for all of them."

During the tour, she said the students asked a lot of questions.

"They were curious about Christmas [at] Bethlehem House," Sublett said. "They made themselves at home, having a seat on the many couches and asking about the TV and video games. While outside playing, they were very impressed by the playground and toys available to the young residents at the house."

She said the project was valuable for the students of the homeschooling group because it allowed them to realize that there were so many ways to help those in the community who needed it.

Sublett said the group has several future field trips planned, including a "Letters to Soldiers" event and a post office tour.