Bart Castleberry completed his first official act as Conway mayor on Sunday just minutes after he was sworn into office by Judge Charles "Ed" Clawson.

"I’d like to make my first official move as mayor of the city of Conway," Castleberry said. "We’re going to remove the interim title from Jody Spradlin’s name and he will be the new Conway police chief."

The dozens of people gathered in the district court building downtown to witness the swearings-in of local elected officials stood and cheered as Spradlin and his family walked to the front of the room where Castleberry and Clawson stood.

Spradlin swore to support the constitutions of the United States and Arkansas while Judge Clawson swore him into office and said "it’s an honor" as he accepted the role of Conway police chief.

Former Mayor Tab Townsell appointed Spradlin as interim police chief in October 2015 when A.J. Gary retired from the job.

Spradlin has worked with the Conway Police Department since 1991. During his tenure, he has supervised every division and specialty unit within the CPD.

He graduated from Conway High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in psychology from the University of Central Arkansas.