The rebuilding of Stoby’s Restaurant on Donaghey Avenue has started.

The restaurant, which was razed last year after being declared a total loss in a March fire, will feature some improvements and expansion.

"Our vision was to rebuild the ‘old’ Stoby’s with an obvious addition," owners David and Patti Stobaugh said. "Our dining capacity will be double. … You won’t have to walk through the kitchen for the bathroom any longer."

The rebuild will also allow the couple to add an outdoor patio, which they described as "dog friendly and non-smoking."

The new restaurant is expected to open this year after the design process took a little longer than expected.

"Since we had never anticipated a total fire loss, we have never dreamed of rebuilding and expanding," the couple said. "It seemed that every question answered, every decision made led to another question and decision, and another and another."

Until the rebuild is complete, Stoby’s regulars can fill the missing void by visiting Stoby’s Express at 1310 Prince St.