When Angie Davis decided to move her photography studio to a different location, she had no idea where she was going to go.

After doing a little hunting, Davis found a warehouse that interested her. She said she was intrigued because it was in downtown Conway, had beautiful skylights, brick walls and lots of room, which was a must because the space they were currently in was getting cramped.

"By the time I found this one, we were really tight in [the other] studio," Davis said. "I could do whatever I wanted. It was huge."

She said by the time the grand opening came around on Jan. 12, she was worried that people wouldn’t show up, but by 10:30 that morning — the event didn’t start until 1 p.m. — they had people walking through the door.

"I was like holy moly," Davis said. "It was just crazy in the store. We did so many sales and sold so much stuff. It was really awesome."

She said central Arkansas is lacking in good lingerie and intimate apparel stores.

"A lot of ladies were showing up — they didn’t have really great lingerie or they couldn’t find it or didn’t want to get it online because they weren’t sure if it was going to fit," Davis said.

So far, the store has done really well, she said, and they’ve been able to serve a wide array of women.

While the merchandise was a main reason for opening the new store with a studio in the back, Davis said they also do custom shirts for wedding parties and boudoir photography, something she’s done since she started photography around 10 years ago.

"I really, really love the boudoir photography and the reason I love it is because we change a lot of women’s lives," she said. "They get to see themselves in a totally different light that just looking at the mirror."

Davis said as women becomes wives, moms, full-time workers, "grocery getters and choredoers," and take on other hats, they lose sight of how beautiful they are.

"Life is busy these days and we don’t get to sit back and look at what we really are," she said. "I get to open their eyes and let them see that they are a beautiful, desirable woman and it just changes them. I feel like this is just a calling to me and I love how we get to lift women every day."

While not everyone wants this type of photography session, Davis said, she encourages women to talk to her about what might be holding them back because what she does is "completely natural."

"I would like to think that everyone wants to feel beautiful and desirable, especially for our husband or our mate," she said. "All my clients do."

Oftentimes, Davis said, her clients begin the experience thinking they’re doing it for their significant others, but after the session, they realize how much they got out of it themselves.

"They don’t realize that they’re going to get that and it’s just something … you have to do it to understand it," she said.

Davis said she first has the client come in and meet her in person or on Skype to get to a comfortable level with one another. From there, she schedules the sessions, which begin at $350, not including the prints and products.

Most clients come into the photography session nervous but that doesn’t last long, she said.

"Once they get in here and we’re doing hair and we’re doing makeup and sometimes we’ll open some champagne and something like that … by the time we get to the session, they’re like whatever," Davis said.

Most of her clients choose to do albums or canvas art for their bedrooms, bathrooms or other places.

She said the experience as a whole is amazing.

"I can’t tell you how many women have sat here on this couch and just bawled because of seeing what they look like and most of the time they’re not even edited," Davis said. "I think of it as an art, because that’s what it is. Women are so beautiful and no matter who they are, they should be celebrated. I’m just so ecstatic that I get to hopefully help in that movement."

Angie Davis is located at 1131 Front St.