Conway baseball seniors McCall Dail, Eli Davis and Cade Tucker signed their letters of intent Wednesday to continue their baseball careers at community colleges.

Dail signed with Independence Community College in Independence, Kansas, joining former Wampus Cat and former teammate Grayson Pinkett.

Davis and Tucker signed with Eastern Oklahoma Community College in Wilburton, Oklahoma.

Wampus Cats coach Noel Boucher said the playerscame into the program unsure of themselves.

"They were a lot like the freshman we have now," he said. "They have worked very hard to sit where they are sitting today."

Boucher continued, saying one can tell a lot about a young man and his character as a high school senior.

"There are three things that tell you what kind of character a guy has," he said. "First, how do they act when they get told something they don’t want to hear?"

Boucher said they get told those things several times during their freshman years but heard it fewer times throughout their high school years.

He said Dail, Davis and Tucker don’t hear those things as much and instead of shutting down, they got better.

"How do they do in adversity?" Boucher listed as the second character trait. "Do they throw a fit or a tantrum? Earlier, they did. Now, they don’t as much."

Boucher’s final character trait was when things don’t go as planned.

"The character of a man will rise up and decide whether he’s going to shut down or be a champion."

Boucher considers the players champions.

Dail, Davis and Tucker along with the rest of the Wampus Cats start their season Feb. 28.