S&S Security Alarms, Inc., is offering their services to Faulkner County.

The Searcy-based business opened in 1993 and has continued to serve locally throughout the years.

Though the company is Arkansas-based, President Phyllis Smith said the company serves nationwide and offers resident and commercial services.

Manager David Bunting said the company does various services for home or business owners.

"We do any and all security aspects to burglar and fire alarm and residential and commercial," he said. "We have surveillance and camera systems. There are a couple different camera systems, control and intercom."

He said one of the company’s bigger things is to educate people.

"Security is one of the last things people think of until you really need it," he said. "We try to educate people out there and what works. Anything and everything that’s out there, we’ve got. If you go on vacation, you can get on your phone and make sure everything is OK with your home."

Owner Joey Smith said the company has grown since 1993, which has allowed it to gain a larger staff and better products.

"We’re successful because we do the right thing," he said. "If you call us at 3 a.m., I’m the one that will get the call. Know who you’re security people are because we are local and we’re going to take care of you."