Triple C Sales & Services, a commercial outdoor power equipment business, celebrated its change in ownership Feb. 28 with a ribbon-cutting.

The business has been serving the Conway area since 1994, but changed ownership from former owner Bill Brown to new owners Travis Clayton and Kevin Bailey.

"Bill Brown started Triple C in 1994 and opened this location. [It] has been here since the early 2000s," Bailey said. "Bill lives up on the hill here and is a great asset and a good business partner. He’s taught us a lot."

Bailey said Triple C sells several Gravely mowers, a company that has been in business for more than 100 years.

Gravely representative Brian Morris said the company is excited about the change in ownership.

"As a Gravely family, we’re really excited about Travis and Kevin. New ownership and things like that," he said. "All we ask is tell five to 10 people available. We want to sell lawn mowers and make tall grass short fast."

Bailey said he and Clayton are new to the business but are taking in several things.

"We’re new to the industry, but we’re learning fast," he said. "Spring is early, so we are staying very busy. We sell any hand-held equipment and push mowers."

Bailey said Triple C has a full-service repair shop with a mechanic who has tons of experience.

"If anything needs to be prepared or worked on, Mike has dealt with many things and will try to fix it," he said.

Triple C hosted an open house Friday and Saturday, further celebrating its opening and allowing customers to test drive and possibly win one of two $14,000 pro turn lawnmowers, which can cut grass at 13 mph.

The contest started Wednesday and concludes May 1, where all one has to do is go to Triple C and test drive for a chance to win.