Occupying what was once a Blockbuster video store, Bear’s Bistro looks to be a staple restaurant in West Conway.

"Seventy percent of Conway’s population lives west of UCA," owner Nick Chowdhury said. "We have all the restaurants on the east side of time. All we have west of Conway are pizza places or fast food. We wanted to be a different outlet."

To achieve the goal, the restaurant offers food with Mediterranean backgrounds, mixed with more traditional American foods.

The restaurant opened July 18, but Chowdhury said there are still some things in the works, such as working to obtain more liquor.

Currently, beer and wine are the only available alcoholic drinks. Happy Hour will soon follow.

The restaurant is also looking to make lunch cheaper and move more quickly.

"We are doing a different lunch menu," Chowdhury said. "We are doing a $7, "pick two items" express lunch menu. A lot of the time, you drive 10 to 15 minutes to the restaurant, and then have to wait. We don’t want that. We want to be quick. You can’t wait too long to eat."

Chowdhury said the menu will change over time.

"I like a fresh menu," he said. "Every single day, we are coming up with ideas to be better."

Because the restaurant is still in its early stages, the exterior will also go through some changes.

Right now, the restaurant has a lone "Bear’s Bistro" sign on the face of the building.

"Outside, we have a plain look, but we are looking to change it," Chowdhury said. "We have some graphics coming in and are getting some plants for the outside."

Chowdhury owns a Raceway gas station in Little Rock and Virginia, as well as an Indian restaurant in Los Angeles.