Dent Masters, paintless dent repair shop, celebrated its grand opening Friday at its location at 389 Highway 65.

Owner Greg Van Winkle said the repair is not well known among the public.

"One of the things that has been an issue for many years is when people’s vehicles get damaged in various ways, whether it is a collision or hail damage or door ding," he said. "Those type of repairs a lot of the public don’t realize that there is no process prior to having it all painted. If you have a car in the parking lot and you have your door dented by another vehicle.

"Most of the time, you’re irritated or aggravated and you feel like this is not good. Well, guess what? We’re here to take care of that problem."

Van Winkle said he has been doing these kinds of repairs for 17 years, so they have experience in fixing a variety of dents.

"We take out every minor ding or dent in your car, the side of your refrigerator, the side of a motorcycle tank and the side of a fender," he said. "Anything that will bend and the paint is not damaged, we have the experience to remove those without having to refinish it. Which gives you value by keeping the original finish on your vehicle.

"If you’re trading your vehicle in, or you’re selling or restoring and you want to keep everything nice, we can take care of that for you."

Van Winkle said he taught his son Devon, who has been doing these repairs for two years now.