A Conway man is charged with aggravated assault after his neighbor accused him of pointing a gun and urinating on his front door in a harassing manner earlier this month.

According to court documents, the Conway Police Department responded to the Tyler Gardens Apartments in Conway in response to a harassment complaint shortly before 10 p.m. July 8.

The victim told police his neighbor, 22-year-old Robert Snider, rang his doorbell and pointed a black handgun into the peephole of his front door.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Snider pointed the gun into his peephole and started "waving it around" before retreating back into his apartment and yelling obscenities.

"[The victim] advised that there have been several other altercations initiated by Mr. Snider in the past," the affidavit reads. "[The victim] expressed safety concerns in regards to what Mr. Snider could be capable of."

Snider, who had a cast on his right hand and arm, told officers he accidentally rang the victim’s doorbell instead of his own, noting they were about two inches apart, when officers arrived on scene and questioned him about the incident.

"Mr. Snider stated that when he has friends in his apartment, he tends to leave the apartment, lock the door and then ring the doorbell to get back in," the affidavit reads. "Mr. Snider advised that he came into the entryway of the apartment complex and rang the doorbell to get into his apartment, however, due to the cast on his right hand, he accidentally rang his and [the victim’s] door bell."

When questioned about waving and pointing a handgun toward the victim’s residence, Snider told officers he was only carrying the gun for protection and never took it out of its holster, noting "that he does carry the handgun often."

Snider told police he "does ‘flip off’" the victim when walking past his residence but does not harass his neighbor. Officers told Snider not to interact with the victim before they left the area.

"Mr. Snider was told to stay away from [the victim] and to not engage in any interaction with him," the affidavit reads. "Mr. Snider agreed and then stated that all he was going to do tonight was get drunker."

Police were called back to the Tyler Gardens Apartments later that night regarding further harassment by Snider.

"Upon arrival, [the victim] advised that approximately 10 minutes after our initial call was concluded, Mr. Snider urinated on his (the victim’s) front door. [The victim] stated that he could hear something splashing on his front door and thought that a dog was peeing on his front door. [The victim] stated that he looked out of the peephole and observed Mr. Snider holding a gun that was pointed at the floor and Mr. Snider urinating on his … front door."

The victim said Mr. Snider urinated on his door a second time about 30 minutes after that.

Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Carol Crews said given the circumstances of the case, it would be appropriate to file an aggravated assault charge against him.

Snider is currently being held in the county jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond and is set to appear in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment on Aug. 28.