Fillets of Charolais, Truffled Basket of Vegetables

For 2 people

2 Filets of Charolais (Angus Beef)

½ Liter of red wine (haute cote de nuits/burgundy)

1 cubed carrot

1 cubed onion

½ liter of veal stock

2 bottoms of White Artichoke

2 mini carrots

2 mini squash cut in halve

1 mini yellow tomato

8 peas pods

10 gm black truffle of Burgundy

10-12 Chives

2 tablespoons olive oil

20gm butter

Sea salt

Black pepper

Red wine sauce

Reduce the red wine with the cubed carrot and cubed onion to 50%, then add the veal stock and reduce to 50% again. Strain out the onions and carrots, season to your liking.


Cook the artichoke bases, mini carrots, peas and mini squash in salty water for 3-4 minutes. Remove from the hot water and place in ice water to keep the colors lively.

Fillet of Charolais

Panfry the fillets in 1 table spoon of olive oil, season with salt and pepper until cooked the way you like it (recommended rare). Afterwards turn the filet in the butter and let it rest for a couple of minutes.


In a pan with olive oil heat the vegetables, place the artichoke bases first on a plate then other hot vegetables mix with chopped chives and halves of yellow tomatoes in a bowl first then place one by one into the artichoke base, decorate with two chives on top as decoration. Cut the filet in an angle in to halves and place next to the vegetables. The red-wine sauce goes around and to finish the dish grate the Truffle over the vegetables.

Duck Foie Gras Strawberry Chutney with Sichuan Pepper

4 cups foie gras escalopes

1 cup minced strawberries

1 cup gm fresh strawberries

1/5 tablespoon Sichuan Pepper

1 onion

1 liter of grapefruit juice (Pample)

1.75 ounces vinegar

2 shallots

2.50 ounces blackcurrant liqueur 20 °

1/2 cup butter

Sea salt

Foie Gras

Slice the duck foie gras into about 1cm thick slices, pan fry the slices for 3 minutes one side and 2 the other. Keep them warm at temperature, of about 60 °, season to your taste with salt.


Finely chop the onions, place in a pot with the minced strawberries, the whole strawberries, the Sichuan pepper, the blackcurrant liqueur and the pample mousse juice. Cook on a medium heat until all liquid has evaporated then add the vinegar and continuous cooking till also evaporated, season to your taste with salt.


Make a reduction of cream, shallots finely chopped and butter, season to your taste with salt.


On a large plate, place first the chutney in the center of the plate, on top of this place 2 slices of the foie gras, around drizzle the reduction.

Scallops, Sweet Potato Mousseline, Sherry-Honey Sauced Dinner for Two.

8 Scallops

2 cups sweet potato

2 shallots cubed

2 small garlic gloves peeled

3 tablespoons sherry vinegar

4/5 cup honey *we prefer Brothers Honey

Half-salt butter

Sea salt

Black pepper

4-6 Chives

8 Pansy flowers

Sweet potato mousseline (cream)

Peel the sweet potatoes and cut in cubes, boil in salted water with the peeled garlic. Once cooked soft strain (keep some cooking water) and pass through a mixer until very smooth, if necessary add some cooking water to achieve the desired texture of a smooth puree but not runny mousseline. Between two small spoons form canelles (pastry).


For the sauce reduce the sherry vinegar, shallot with the honey to half and strain shallots out. Keep hot for serving.


Fry the Scallops on high heat without oil or butter only in a dry pan for one minute each side till nicely colored.


Use a long plate and place the scallops and the canelle of mousseline alternating

on the plate and the sauce around. Use the chives for decoration and place a Pansy on each scollop.

About the Chef: Chef Jean-Alain POITEVIN, originally from Limousin, relocated to Burgundy in 1988. After spending two years with Jacques Lameloise in Chagny, he joined Gérard Boyer at Les Crayères in Reims 2 years later. Then he returned to Burgundy where he worked in Saulieu, then at the Château de Gilly for 10 years and finally at the Château de Chailly since June 2015. Here he is following the philosophie of Chateau de Chailly, cooking with seasonal and local produce, the great classics of Burgundy in his own interpretation.