By Cindy Beckman

March 21

(2007) J. Timothy Cloyd, President of Hendrix College unveiled a new school logo. Hendrix was returning to a Warrior mascot but ventured away from the traditional Native American figure to a sword-wielding, long-haired teased-maned shouting character that has a strong hint of a Scottish clansman but reflected elements of other cultures. Cloyd said that the shield and the "H" with the Hendrix sword image will remain a part of Hendrix’s logo package but the Warrior character would allow the students a costumed mascot at athletic events. In 2006, NCAA had banned the use of logos and mascots that might be offensive to ethnic groups.

(1992) Emily Pendergraft, 14-year-old daughter of J.B. and Lynne Pendergraft of Conway, was to appear in TEEN Magazine’s April issue as a 1992 Great Model Search semifinalist. Sponsors of the program were Mabelline and Sassaby.

The Greenbrier Jaycees held a Cute Kid contest. A jar for each contestant was placed at Country Corner Food and Drug February 15 through March 15. The contestant with the most money in his or her jar at the end of the contest was named the winner. There were 39 contestants. First place went to Gavin Stewart, son of Sherri Stewart.

(1967) George Hartje, Jr. was to go before the Arkansas Highway Commission to see a new Highway 60 route to bypass Conway. Hartje did not want to relocate the present route of Highway 60 but to obtain a new road that would serve the western and southern portions of Conway. One alternative was to have the road leave the Conway Industrial Park, cross Highway 65 and extend through the Ward Body Works property and join Hartje Lane near the U.S. Oil Terminals Co. It would then extend around the southern and western portion of the SCA campus and join Farris Road.

(1942) The annual school election in Conway district No. 1 was conducted at the courthouse. Dr. H.O. Weatherly and Dr. James H. Flanagin had no opposition. Dr. H.L. Minton did not have opposition for re-election to the county board of education.

Chamber of Commerce president, James O. Cox, said that a successor to Guy H. Jones as secretary of the Chamber of Commerce would not be named until after the election of new officers in April. Mr. Jones was inducted into the army.

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Dunaway donated a piano to Central grammar school. Their son, Louis Jr., was in the first grade there.

(1917) The United States became the first nation to recognize the new government of Russia. Earlier in the week, Prince Georgy Lvov assumed leadership of the new Provisional Government.

President Woodrow Wilson decided to call Congress into special session on April 2 in response to the German sinking of three American steamships. The President’s decision was reached only after he became convinced that the sinking of the ships on the high seas had brought about a demand by the country for aggressive action. The President would ask Congress for drastic resources to protect American commerce on the seas.