April 23

(2007) A memorial service was held for Helen Walton, the widow of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton, who passed away last Thursday.

The Foothills District Pinewood Derby was held at Peace Lutheran Church. The Derby was run in honor of Jacob Engeler, who was a member of Pack 112. First place finishers were Jackson Cormier, Dallas Taylor, and Jack Dunaway all of Pack 400 and Noah Smith of Pack 494.

A Mountain Man Rendezvous was held at Woolly Hollow State Park to dramatize the rugged life of explorers of American’s frontiers in the early 19th century. Reenactors demonstrated crafts and survival skills.

(1992) The Conway School District announced it would hold a "Sharpen Your Skills" summer workshop for students to work on content area skills in mathematics, language arts and reading. The program would be open to students who would be in the fourth through eighth grade during the 1992-93 school year.

Fourth grade students at Mayflower Elementary received assistance from school librarian, Barbara Jenkins, as well as Worthen National Bank President Frank Oldham, Mayflower Superintendent Philip Bell; and Mayflower Elementary Principal Chris Dayer, as they selected books during a Reading is Fundamental book distribution.

(1967) The second edition of "Principles of Biology," a textbook for college general biology, was published by SCA professors, Dr. Neal Buffaloe and Dr. Jimmy Thorneberry.

Four Conway girls—Carol Siebenmorgen, Christy Barnes, Donna Hiegel and Mary Ann Dunn—and Mrs. Elmer Fiddler, executive director of the Faulkner Red Cross, drove to Dallas to attend the American National Red Cross convention.

The Arkansas Highway Dept. was enjoined from proceeding with building a new bridge across the Narrows at Lake Conway until a $20,000 bond was provided to insure payment of damages to nearby property owners.

(1942) J.D. Dunaway, owner of Cedar Park, announced a bicycle parade from Conway to the park. Prizes would be awarded for oldest rider and the one from the furthest distance. Russell C. Roberts and former Mayer W. D. Cole would speak on subjects related to bicycles and pictures would be made of the riders.

The ninth grade of ASTC training school presented the play, "Deacon Dubbs." The cast included Joe Zellner, Bobby Burris, George Robinette, J.V. Jones, Bill Oliver, Faye Hall, Rose June Stone, Margaret Hawks, Evelyn McHenry, Bessie Jewell King and Edward Jones.

(1917) The five-cent loaf was swept away in the avalanche of war prices. Effective Monday, it would take a dime to buy a loaf of bread at the local bakeries.

The great seven billion dollar war loan bill awaited only the signature of President Woodrow Wilson to become an actuality. The House and the Senate unanimously accepted the conference report. The bill was immediately sent to the White House.