The Conway City Council will receive public comments and answer questions about proposed Conway Corporation electric rate increases and water rate decreases for customers with private fire protection before voting on the related ordinances at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Russell L. "Jack" Roberts District Court Building.

The meeting is open to the public.

Conway Corp officials said the last electric rate increase was 11 years ago in January 2006 and would like the new rates to take effect June 1.

If approved, the electric rate ordinance would change summer rates for residential electric system customers — which would apply to June through September — to $9 for the facilities charge and $0.0672 per KWH through September 2018 when the facilities charge would jump to $12 but the rate per KWH would remain $0.067. Those changes are proposed to last through September 2019.

Beginning in October 2019, Conway Corp proposes a $15 facilities charge and no change to the KWH rate.

The proposed winter rates — which would apply to October through May — would include a $15 facility fee, a rate of $0.055 per KWH for the first 1,000 KWH and $0.042 after the first 1,000 KWH through September 2018, when it’s suggested the facilities charge be increased to $12, the first 1,000 KWH be charged $0.051 per KWH and $0.042 after the first 1,000 KWH through September 2019.

After that, Conway Corp suggests a $15 facilities charge and a rate of $0.0485 each for all KW after October 2019.

Aldermen will also hear public input on renaming a portion of Highway 25 on Tuesday.

There is no committee meeting scheduled.