Renewal Ranch will host the third annual Rally for Recovery on June 10 at the Conway Expo Center beginning at 5:30 p.m. The event includes an all-you-can-eat catfish dinner, provided by The Fish House.

Jeff Williams, Senior Pastor of Conway Second Baptist Church, will be the keynote speaker.

The evening will also include a live auction and testimonies from Renewal Ranch graduates and their families. Individual tickets are $25 each.

Patron Sponsor Tables are available for $250, which includes 6 seats. Event sponsorships are also available.

Raising awareness of the devastating effects drug and alcohol addiction has on individuals, families and our communities is the goal of the event.

"Studies show that well over half of the residents of Arkansas know and love someone struggling with drug and alcohol problems," says James Loy, who is the director of Renewal Ranch.

Millions of dollars are spent annually by the state of Arkansas combating drug and alcohol abuse. Overcrowded jails, prisons and court dockets are common because of drug abuse. Prosecutors and judges estimate as much as 80 percent of criminal cases in Arkansas are drug related.

There is a solution to the drug problem. Every parent can have a sober child and every child can have a sober parent. The situation is not hopeless. Strides are being made one recovery at a time.

Renewal Ranch is located west of Conway, Arkansas, on a 100 acre ranch. The Ranch is in its seventh year of "Restoring broken lives through Christ."

It’s a place where men can develop a personal love relationship with Jesus Christ and find freedom from the chains of addiction, forgiviness for their past and hope for their future.

The program has graduated more than 170 men and has a success rate of more than 67 percent; secular programs typically only reach a 5 percent success rate.

Renewal Ranch recently embarked on a $1.5 million capital campaign to build the Renewal Ranch Restoration Center. The center is currently in phase II of construction.

It will offer chapel space for services to be held on the grounds with a facility large enough for the men and 200+ family members attending chapel services each week. The building will also house dining space, teaching space and additional beds when completed.

Renewal Ranch is an intensive six-month program where clients received counseling, Bible teaching and training, and learn the importance of serving others through community work projects.

Renewal Ranch funds its’ day to day operational costs with the generous gifts of those who believe in the mission of this life-changing ministry and through fund raising events. Renewal Ranch is a faith-based 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

James Loy is the Executive Director of Renewal Ranch.

The Board of Directors include: Al Major, Jerry Boyer, Don Bingham, Judge Troy Brazwell, Libby Fulmer, Mike Lefler, Ronnie Moore, Marsha Rawls, and Dr. Louis Young. The Pastoral Advisory Board includes: Don Chandler, Central Baptist Church, Ken Wilson, Fellowship Bible Church, Jeff Williams, Conway Second Baptist Church and Neal Winstead, Family Life Bible Church.

For additional information, to purchase tickets or be a part of Rally for Recovery contact Bryce McGhee at 501-733-4263 or at or visit