June 18


Twelve families were displaced after a fire at South Donaghey Apartments. The fire started in a hide-a-bed. The Red Cross placed four families in hotels while the rest were able to go home with friends or family.

Scotty Campbell took 6th place while Jason Cuthbertson placed 9th in the ASGA Morgan Keegan Stroke Play Championship at Texarkana.

Sheila Parsons, B.J. Abrams and Gene Hatfield all had works included in the Art across Arkansas tour of artwork owned by the William J. Clinton Foundation. The artwork would visit 66 K-12 public schools in 12 counties across the state.


Mary Wade of Conway would depart in July to live with a host family and attend school in Germany for one year. Miss Wade, a student at Conway High School, was a recipient of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program scholarship. Before joining her host family, she would attend a month-long language and cultural training camp.

Rebecca Henze and Stanley Bradley, two St. Joseph students, were awarded the I Dare You Leadership Award. They were recognized for their personal integrity, balanced living and potential for leadership by the American Youth Foundation in cooperation with principals, headmasters and 4-H county agents across the country.


John Reed of Wooster, a Nabholz Construction worker, was pictured with his air drill working on the new fine arts building at SCA. The building would replace Baridon Music Hall.

John Lammers, a golf writer for the Arkansas Democrat, wrote a sports feature about Willis Watkins and Dr. Fred Gordy being an ideal team for four-ball play. The two recently put on an unforgettable show at the Little Rock Country Club.

Readers were encouraged not to miss Bluegrass Time with Herb Nahlen, Saturdays on KVEE 1330, sponsored by Meyer’s Photography and Nahlen Radio and TV Service.


The Faulkner County consumer interest and nutrition committee composed of Mrs. Dora Stubblefield, Mrs. J.E. McGuire, Miss Anna Carol Fults and Miss Kate Williams held a meeting with the regional Office of Price Administration (OPA) director at the courthouse. Theo. J. Hiegel, chairman of the food industrial committee for Faulkner County, and Mrs. D.O. Harton, Jr., director of the women’s division of the county war council, also attended. The regional OPA director recommended opening a consumer interest center downtown in Conway. Volunteers would operate the center which would serve as an educational center for the OPA operation in the county.


Dr. W.A. McDonald, supervisor of the tick eradication work in Faulkner County, returned from Naylor where he went to investigate the dynamiting of a cattle dipping vat at that place. The people of the community, Dr. McDonald said, are very much incensed over the outrage, sentiment in that section being more favorable toward tick eradication than in almost any other part of the county.

Among those from Conway who attended the Gideon banquet at the Hotel Marion in Little Rock were Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Allison, Mr. and Mrs. S.N. Bolton, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Hinton, Enos Hilliard and E.F. Edwards.