A central Arkansas food truck is making Conway its home by establishing a permanent restaurant downtown.

The Wunderbus is a family owned and operated food truck that also specializes in mobile catering. Brother and sister Auguste and Jacqueline Forrester own and operate the food truck.

"The WunderBus is honored to have become a staple of Central Arkansas cuisine in such a short period of time," Auguste wrote in a Go Fund Me fundraiser post. " However, the game of business is a game of timing, planning, and balance, and now, it is time that we focus our intention on establishing ourselves in our hometown of Conway, Arkansas.The siblings hope to open a brick-and-mortar establishment by mid-September.

"As in any business, you need to decide if you’re going to grow or stay stagnant," Auguste said. "With a food truck, you either get a brick-and-mortar or you get more trucks to grow."

Auguste said the truck calls central Arkansas home and has traveled as far out as Russelville, south of Hot Springs and just north of Greenbrier. The food truck specializes in traditional Germanic Cuisine and sources its ingredients locally.

"We’ve always made sourcing locally a priority," he said. "We change the menu every day depending on what we find at farmers’ markets. The menu at the restaurant will be more consistent but will feature seasonal specials."

The WunderBus sources both its meats and produce locally.

"After much calculation and conversation, we determined that with a little extra work, we could offer quality food using local meat and producer at a reasonable price," the Go Fund Me post reads. "We proudly partner with other Arkansas based and family owned businesses as to offer the very freshest and finest handmade foodstuffs available, while simultaneously contributing to the local economy and giving back to our community and our environment."

It will set up a permanent residence at 900 Locust Street, former home of the Central Fire Gas Station.

As the Forrester siblings figure out having a consistent work schedule that will feature higher demands than a food truck, the restaurant will open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. The hours of operation will expand as the siblings get into the swing of running an established restaurant.

The permanent WunderBus location will be named the WunderHaus. The establishment plans to secure a private club permit and serve locally sourced beer and wine.

Conway resident Joe H. Poulson said he enjoys the eats offered by WunderBus and is excited to hear their will be a permanent, local location to visit on a regular basis.

"WunderBus burgers are the absolute best," he said. "I know they buy a lot of locally produced beef and it makes a huge difference in the flavor of their menu items."

Poulson said he and his family stopped by the WunderBus each time the truck was spotted in the area.

"Now, with the advent of a restaurant being opened locally, we’ll be able to enjoy the best burger around anytime we want," he said.

The patio will be completed before the restaurant itself, which will allow the Forrester siblings to set up the WunderBus and allow Faulkner County residents and other passers-by to enjoy the cuisine they have to offer without having to wait for the WunderHaus to open its doors to the public.

While the food truck will not be out and about on a regular basis, the Forresters are happy to cater to weddings, corporate events and other large events, Auguste said.