The water tank at Conway Station Park is scheduled to be removed and replaced with a cell tower by the end of the year.

City officials approved a deal with Smith Communications in which the company will demolish and dispose of the tank in order to obtain the ground lease. The estimated cost of demolition is $200,000.

"It’s going to look a lot better and have a lot smaller footprint out there," City Attorney Chuck Clawson said. "We’ll be able to add some parking."

Smith Communications will coordinate with Conway Parks and Recreation Director Steve Ibbotson to ensure that the demolition won’t interfere with games.

Dave Reynolds, Smith Communications project engineer, said the plan is to have Iseler Demolition Crews — which specializes in water tower demolition — remove the tank either the week before or the week after Thanksgiving.

He said the process is "surprisingly short."

"From the time they move in until the time they move out will take about three and a half to four days," he said.

Immediately after the removal, Smith crews will erect a tower and put the equipment pad in place, Reynolds said. The company’s schedule indicates that would be complete by Dec. 5.

The company plans to finish with fencing, landscaping and irrigation by May 1, 2018.