For many women, zipping their own dresses can be a difficult task, pushing them to rely on others to do it instead.

One local entrepreneur and inventor has made it her mission to provide a product that not only allows a woman to dress herself, but also look fashionable while doing it.

Jessica Jones created the Zipper Genie with the goal of making life easier.

Jones said the idea came to her one day when she was waiting on her husband to zip her dress, which took longer than she would have liked. After that, she also encountered a stranger in a store dressing room who also needed help zipping her dress, something that she seemed embarrassed about.

She realized then how big of an issue this was for women, some even avoiding buying outfits with unreachable zippers because of it.

"I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just solving a problem," Jones said. "I wanted to make it effortless."

After doing some research, she said she found several products that were supposed to help, but most didn’t look easy.

Many changes and a lot of trial and error later, Jones said she believes she is selling a product that women of all ages can really get behind. She said when creating the Zipper Genie she wanted to focus on giving women back their independence.

"Zipper Genie allows you to be able to wear whatever you want to wear," she said. "You don’t have to be limited. With three easy steps, you can be zipped in seconds. It frees you up, it’s effortless, it saves time, it’s simple and easy to use."

Jones said she has sold more than 1,000 through Amazon, and the Home Shopping Network and has gotten great feedback on it.

"It feels great," she said. "When you create anything, you believe in it. You think it is the best thing ever, it doesn’t matter what it is. To not only think that you think that, but know that other people think that is the appreciation I get."

Jones said it feels good to know that she’s helping people.

She said her product also functions as a necklace that women can wear that comes in pink, white, yellow and green.

Jones said she was able to get the product on Amazon by pitching the idea at one its invention tours.

"The crazy part about it was, it all men on the panel," she said. "Come to find out, they were more in love than I think I could have ever gotten a woman to be in love with it. I never knew how much men hated zipping women’s dresses."

Jones also had the opportunity recently to display the Zipper Genie on Harry Connick Jr.’s show, "Harry," in New York City.

Through that opportunity, she met Daymond John from "Shark Tank," and was also gifted a booth to INPEX, a trade show that attracts different industries and companies that are looking for new products and inventions, in June.

"This is an amazing opportunity and can be a pivotal moment in our company, but I need assistance raising money to create a great booth atmosphere," Jones said. "I have created a GoFundMe campaign."

While it hasn’t been easy, she said the product and coverage continuing to grow and she is happy what that.

"I just have to appreciate the growth," Jones said. "The big picture is that I’m doing way better than I was when I was starting out. My biggest dream for Zipper Genie, that I’ve honestly said since day one, is I want to be the first product in the store that helps someone zip their dress," Jones said. "Currently, in stores, there is no product."

She said she’s had a lot of support from family and friends thus far and is excited for what the future of her product holds.

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