Number one

An officer was on patrol just 30 minutes into the opening of Wednesday, Feb. 22, when he found himself on a residential street following a pickup truck.

As the pickup truck passed a man walking in the opposite direction on the side of the road, the pedestrian raised his arm, then his hand, then his middle finger, all quickly, as though flipping. An act described as "flipping off" in the officer’s report. The officer pulled to a stop and asked the man "What are you doing?" he reported.

The man said he thought it was a friend’s truck. The officer asked him if he knew the people in the truck, he did not, the man realized. The officer noted here the man’s speech was slurred and his gait unsteady.

The ID thing came next, and the officer got the man’s name, calling it in. It turned out the flipping pedestrian, 28, was listed as having a felony absconder warrant from probation and parole, a misdemeanor warrant out of the county named after Count Pulaski and, yes, a warrant out of Conway Police. He was cuffed and prior to stuffing, searched. In the search the officer found a small pill bottle holding what the report addressed as "high grade" marijuana, which the man told the officer was "medicine and home grown." Rolling papers and a lighter was also found.

He was taken to jail. There, the other agencies, parole and probation not in the least, placed a hold upon the man. The 6 grams of marijuana was entered as evidence and sent to the state crime lab.

Big iron on his hip

An officer was keeping an eye on things, sitting by the side of the road watching traffic when he saw a car, a domestic sedan, make a turn without properly signalling before doing so. It was coming up on noon, 11:33 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 22 when this was noted.

The officer pulled out and followed the car and, again, the car made a turn without properly signaling its intent. Then as the officer followed, the tires were noted to cross a highway boundary line. Blue lights, of course, and the errant driver was pulled over.

The officer stepped up to speak with the driver, she travelling with a passenger. He noted she was nervous, with shaking hands and working hard to avoid eye contact. The officer had the woman, 40, get out of the car and he searched her, finding nothing. The officer then asked to search her car. "No," the woman was reported replying. She was put in the back of the officer’s patrol car while the investigation continued.

The man, 50, traveling with her was then asked to step out of the car. With permission, the officer searched the man, and found a 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun on the man’s hip. A K-9 officer was called to check as no search had been granted. The K-9 officer arrived and the officer controlling it told the reporting officer the dog "alerted" on the car.

This gave probable case and the car was searched. In the center console the officer found a small bag, inside the bag a small vile of a white powdery substance which was tested with a field kit and found to test positive as methamphetamine. With this the man and woman "were taken into custody," per the report. The search of the car continued, and a pill bottle labeled as containing an anti-inflammatory was found. In the trunk, hidden under the trunk mat, the officer found a digital scale with a white powdery substance upon it.

Narcotics investigators arrived and spoke with the pair. The car was impounded, the pair jailed with the gun placed as evidence.

Um …

Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 7:41 a.m. police were called about a man on a Conway Street "acting suspiciously," per the report. As officers went to where the man was reported, a second radio call came telling them how the man was dressed, and that he was walking around holding a metal pole and "acting suspicious."

The first reporting officer arrived on site, with other officers soon joining him. As they searched the area, they quickly found the man, 27, standing by the side of a nearby street. The reporting officer stepped out to speak with the man who was holding "a 2 ½ yard lamp on a long metal stand," the officer reported. The man put the light down and the officer asked him what he was doing. He was, he told the officer "guarding the street for the end of the world," the report stated. The officer asked additional questions, gaining the man’s name and birthdate but the man would not, he reported, answer further questions.

Two more officers arrived and the man became "noticeably agitated," the report stated. The officer asked it it was okay to search the man, and the man replied, first by not answering, but then saying "You could just shoot me." The man then began "showing signs of aggression," the officer reported.

The officer took the man into custody. He was jailed, pending review by mental health professionals.