An inmate at the Faulkner County Detention Center is now being charged with terroristic threatening after allegedly threatening a woman and the prosecutor in his case over a jail phone conversation.

According to court documents, 28-year-old Vincent Van Hayden told the woman victim she "better get me the [explicit] out of jail because if you don’t and I go to prison, your life will end."

The woman told Hayden she would see him at his court hearing and he began threatening a Faulkner County prosecutor.

"If I don’t get out of here then that [explicit] prosecutor Jordan Crews is going to get his ass beat right in the court room," Hayden said. "I’ll rush over to him and slam my head into his and knock him the [explicit] out. I don’t care if they tase me because I’m gonna get my hit in."

Crews is the prosecutor in a 2016 possession of paraphernalia and possession of meth/cocaine case against Hayden.

Hayden also has an open third-degree domestic battery case stemming from a May 13 incident against the woman victim.

According to court documents, the woman tried to talk with Hayden over the jail phone but he kept threatening her and slinging derogatory remarks.

"If I miss the birth of my son because of another [explicit] then your life is over and done," Hayden said to the woman.

A Faulkner County judge ordered Friday to hold Hayden in the county jail without bond.

He is scheduled to appear in Faulkner County Circuit Court regarding the terroristic threatening charge on July 17.