From Conway Police Department reports

A happy guy

It was 7:51 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 4, when police were called to McGhee Center about a "disturbance." The reporting officer arrived and spoke with the person working the front desk. There he was told of a child having his money stolen while at the center. To this a older man arrived who was very upset, all-the-more upset when other children found his anger to be funny.

The man told the person at the counter, it was relayed to the officer, that he was going to "blast the place." The counterman told him not to talk like that with children around, and the man said the counterman would be the "first one blasted." He then, the counterman told the officer, walked out of the building and got into a (of all things) Kia Soul.

The car and the man were described to the officer, now joined by a second officer and finding the man matching the description in a nearby parking lot. "He was very upset," the officer assessed about the man, and the man told him someone had stolen money from his half brother. When he took a complaint about this to the front desk, he told the officer, the man there started laughing at him.

He did not, he told the officer, threaten to blast anyone, but did assure the counterman he would "slap his b**** a**," the report stated — the officer noting here several children standing in the parking lot as this statement was made.

The officer told the man not to talk like that, and the man replied he could say whatever he wanted to. The officer had the second officer issue a criminal trespass so the man could not come back on the property. To this the man replied the officer couldn’t [redacted] tell him to leave because they were in a public place, it was reported. The children, he advised, were his [redacted, same word] family and he could speak around them as he wished.

The officer told him to put his hands behind his back, that he was under arrest.

He was not going to be arrested, he told the officer, then cooperated and was put in handcuffs. As the officer was walking the man, 23, toward his car the man told the officer he was going to "knock his white head off." The officer, reportedly, asked him to repeat what he said and the man said he would get his head knocked off.

He was, at jail, issued a citation for disorderly conduct and a criminal trespass warning for McGhee center.

Throw a chain

A truck was in a ditch. It was a pickup, a Dodge pickup, and police knew this because they’d gotten a call to check on it at 3 a.m. Sunday morning, Aug. 6. The reporting officer arrived and, yes, there, in the ditch, was a pickup. One man was standing next to the truck, and a second man was attaching a chain to it.

When the officer pulled up the man with the chain disconnected and drove off.

The officer asked the standing man about the situation. The man told him he had not been driving the truck, a second man had, a friend, and the friend "wrecked" the truck, putting it in the ditch, a five or six foot drop off per the officer’s report. There was from the man, the officer noted, the 3 a.m. classic of a "strong odor of intoxicants."

The officer asked for a name and was given a first name. He asked for the last and the man, with some hesitation, gave a last name. The name returned to someone else than whom the officer was speaking with, he reported. The officer checked the name of the registered owner against the tag of the truck, getting a completely different name. He then asked the man if his name was, in fact, the name he had just given him. "Yeah," the man replied, and he was put under arrest for obstruction of government operations.

The next matter was dealing with the truck, which was partially blocking the road on South Amity as it was. The man, 54, was told he could call a tow and pay for it, or the officer could call for a tow and the man could pay later when he went to pick the truck up. The man decided to pay to have it towed out, and have his wife come and pick it up, which the officer arranged.

The truck, in fact, got some damage to the tailgate when it was pulled out, it rolling back into the wrecker once clear of the ditch, the officer reported. Pictures were taken.

All the happy people

Monday afternoon, evening really, at 5:15 p.m. Aug. 7 when police were called to a wrecker service about a reported forgery. This was filed as an information report.

Police arrived and there was the service owner and an employee, along with two women. The situation, as it were, was between the two women.

The first woman said the second woman had forged her name to the release paperwork in order to claim a 2003 domestic SUV held there. Her and her ex-boyfriend, the latter being the second woman’s son, owned the SUV and it had been impound the night before while the ex-boyfriend / son was driving it.

She was, as she relayed this to the officer, "extremely upset," the officer reported and kept "directing negative comments and hateful remarks" toward the second woman and her son as she spoke with the officer. The officer told her to calm down.

The apparently upset the woman again, who said she didn’t want to speak with that officer, and to have a second officer sent on site. The officer said this was not possible, due to police activity at the time, including shift change. The woman then told the officer she was recording the incident.

The officer ran the VIN on the SUV (now there’s a sentence) and found the machine was registered to the second woman, the ex-boyfriend’s mother. The first woman said this was the case as the second woman had earlier forged her name on the title showing she had purchased the SUV from the first woman, which she had not.

The officer checked with wrecker service staff and were told the second woman signed for the car registered to her, and it was released to her, as was the norm in such matters. After this had taken place, they told the officer, the first woman came inside the business and created a scene.

The first woman continued to verbally berate the second woman, and told the officer she wanted a report on this matter, in turn telling the second woman she would be writing the woman’s son, her ex-boyfriend, when he was locked up for larceny.

The officer explained there would be no arrests, that the SUV was being released to its registered owner. All parties, the report concluded, were issued a report number.