From Conway Police Department reports

On film

Police got a call from a man Saturday night Oct. 7 at 9:39 p.m. The man wanted to report a situation.

The reporting officer spoke with the man, 20. The man told the officer of his meeting someone on a dating app and, in time and after exchanging messages, a relationship formed. They then moved onto text messaging and communicating via video-chat.

In time, he told the officer, he engaged in (what’s the right phrase here?) a physical relationship once removed with his new-found paramour using video chat. He believed, he told the officer, the woman’s name was Jennifer. In time, however, he realized "Jennifer" was a pornographic movie.

He then got a text message, he told the officer, asking him how much money he would be willing to pay to ensure that the video of his relationship with "Jennifer" was not sent to family members. Apparently the extortionists had traced his family relations through his social media page. He did not respond to the message, he told the officer.

The officer tried to call the number used to send the text message, but it was for a text-only message service or application.

The report would be kept on file, the officer told the man.

Ditch the mess

Thursday night, getting late at 7:38 p.m. that Oct. 5, when an officer on patrol was flagged down at Robins Street. A man’s car had gone off the road and was stuck, with one wheel in a ditch.

A man walked up and told the officer the 2010 Honda was his car. Someone towing a trailer had swerved and caused him to go off the road, he told the officer. The man, at the officer’s request, handed over his ID, and along with it his concealed carry permit. There was a gun under the driver’s seat, the man told the officer. A second officer checked with the two passengers, still in the car. The second officer then told the reporting officer he saw a marijuana grinder in the car’s front seat.

The reporting officer asked the man if he had any marijuana in the car. He did, he told the officer, along with some pipes. The officer had him stay with the second officer while she searched the car.

Inside the officer found, along with the aforementioned gun and grinder, additional trace amounts of marijuana and paraphernalia for consuming same. The officer searched the female passenger and found a grinder and some marijuana in her purse. No contraband was found on the driver or the other passenger.

It was during the continued search of the car that the report took a new turn, and cause for a second police report. As the officer searched a man walked up and got close to the reporting officer. A second officer told him to step back. He did, but began to "rant" about the officers and the car being searched. This got to be such a disturbance that the officer called a second officer over to deal with the man.

Meanwhile the officer continued to search the car, finding suspected cocaine residue in a small bag as well as additional marijuana paraphernalia and a loaded magazine for the gun, along with some loose bullets.

The car was impounded, its driver taken to jail, charged with simultaneous possession of a gun and drugs. The officer noted the man was cooperative throughout.

Meanwhile, and in a second report, the officer was dealing with the ranting man. The man was, the officer reported, "highly agitated." The man said he was going to take pictures of what was taking place. Police said that was fine, but he needed to step back and not interfere with the officer’s work.

It was about here the officer asked for assistance as the man kept interfering. As the officer walked up to him the man raised his hands and said "No you cannot" to the officer, despite the officer not having said anything. The officer told the man he was interfering and the man said "Arrest me then." So the officer arrested him, putting him in handcuffs.

On pat down police found a fixed blade knife, no sheath, hidden in the small of ther man’s back.

The officer put the now-handcuffed man in his patrol car for the trip downtown and began to ask the man the usual questions. To each question the man gave a obscene response to the officer. When asked for his name he gave only his first name and would give no further. (The man was known to police.) He continued to curse at the arresting officer.

At jail the man remained agitated and aggressive, lunging at the officer several times until he was stopped by detention officers. The man insisted his handcuffs be removed so he could "show the officer what he was made of." Further to this he told the officer and all who would listen, loudly, that he was a Marine and Devil Dog, then threatening the officer with physical retribution.

With all this, terroristic threatening was added to the man’s charge of interfering with governmental operations.