Each month, Conway Public Schools chooses one student from the district to represent their school during the board of education’s regular meeting.

"The student representatives are chosen each month by the school principals," Communication Specialist Heather Kendrick said. "We rotate through all of our schools each year so everyone has a chance to bring a student representative before the board to speak to them about their school and the great things they are doing there."

On March 14, Amaya Warren, a fourth-grade student from Carolyn Lewis Elementary School stood before board members and led the Pledge of Allegiance for the meeting.

"We love doing this because it gives our board members a chance to put faces on the work they do and the decisions they make," Kendrick said. "They serve 9,920 students. The student representatives help make things more personal and allow the board to interact with students, asking them questions and seeing firsthand what is happening in our schools."

Carolyn Lewis’s principal Tina Antley said she was honored to introduce Warren at the meeting.

She said she chose Amaya because she has been at the school since kindergarten and this year is her last year because she will move onto middle school next year.

"She has been a delight to have in our schools," Antley said. "She is always happy, well behaved and kind to others. The teachers and students love her."

Warren is an active member in multiple school activities and clubs as well as Sprout Scouts, Cougar Choir and Carolyn Lewis’s American Girl Book Club.

"We are going to miss her next year," Antley said.

Warren’s mother, Shakira, said they found out she was going to be serving as the student representative about a month ago.

"She was ecstatic," she said. "Initially, I think there were some nerves with the unknown but she was super excited."

During the meeting, students are allowed to bring "cheat sheets" of information so they don’t forget what they’re speaking about. One board member commented that he was impressed that Amaya didn’t have one, to which she replied that she had memorized everything and didn’t need one.

"She’s pretty talented," Shakira said. "She loves performing and acting. So to her, this was just an opportunity to recite her script from memory."

She said she was proud of Amaya being chosen and doing so well at the meeting.

"Anytime you get to see your baby indulge in their passion and share their gifts it’s a rewarding sight," Shakira said.

She said she feels it was Amaya’s personality and integrity that Antley saw when making her selection.

"She always shines bright in everything she does," Shakira said. "God has blessed her with many gifts and we’re thankful that she’s able to enlighten others lives."

For Amaya, her favorite part was seeing what kind of questions the board members would ask. She said the experience was amazing.

"I think she realizes how fortunate she is to be selected," Shakira said. "She wanted to do her best representing Carolyn Lewis Elementary."

Amaya enjoys reading, competing in cheer at Imperial Elite Allstars, riding her scooter, watching YouTube videos and shopping.