Seventy students from Marguerite Vann Elementary School ran their hearts out during the school’s 10th annual 5K race on Friday.

Jana Hedgecock, physical education teacher, said the race started as an event for the running club that had already been created.

"Our students [were] thrilled for the 5K," she said. "Some were ready for the competition while some were just excited to finish the race."

Hedegock said this was her third year to participate in the festivities.

"I took the physical eduation position at Marguerite Vann three years ago, which allowed me to continue this longstanding tradition," she said.

Hedgecock said she has two favorite parts to the event.

"The first one, is when we start the race," she said. "Emotions and intensity are runnig high. When the horn buzzes, everyone goes crazy. The excitement fills the air."

Her second favorite part, Hedgecock said, is the big finish.

"After running 3.1 miles, it is a great feeling to finish with spectators cheering you on," she said. "Our students line the final stretch and cheer on every running that comes in."

While racers were running, media specialist Jamille Rogers entertained the crowd, calling students from each grade to the middle of the barrier to dance to songs ranging from the chicken dance to Silentó’s "Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae).

Hedgecock said the race was funded by sponsors, the school’s parent teacher organization and the physical activity budget with Conway Regional Medical Center as the sponsor as well.

"This race would not be possible without our teachers, parent volunteers and sponsors," she said. "It takes a lot of hard work to put on a huge event like our 5K."

Conway School District’s Communication Specialist Heather Kendrick said this being the 10th year for the race was incredible.

"This race is the ‘flagship’ school 5K for our district," she said. "Such a great program that has a strong history and great particpation from students, parents and faculty."

First place winner for the boys was John Woffard, second place was Matt Harrison and third place was Jacoby Cage. First place for the girls was Addie Leigh, Adia Cate and Emma Rodgers.