A new tradition began during church services at St. Joseph High School on September 27.

The Class of 2018 displayed a senior crest to the student body that will take the place of much larger banners that have been created since 2002.

"The banners were first designed to symbolize the seniors’[s] beliefs and goals and were hung in the high school cafeteria/parish hall," a news release stated. "Due to a church construction project, that building will be coming down and thus leaving no space for the banners to go."

According to the release, the crests, which are much smaller than the banners, will serve the same purpose but will be placed in the high school instead.

Senior class president Caroline Hambuchen explained the crest’s design during the service while officers Lauren Holbrook and Parker Trussell held it.

The release states that the creast contains the bible verse 2 Corinthians 5:7 which reads, "We walk by faith, not by sight," the candle in hand signifies God’s light and his almighty hand showing seniors the way to their future, the stairs leading up to the golden gates of heaven represent the ultimate goal for their lives, the golden cross in the middle of the crest shows Christ is the center of everything they do, the purple and gold colors represent school pride, while the words within them describe the seniors’ personal experiences during their time at school and the silver border surrounding the shield contains the names of each class member and represents their individuality.