The Guy-Perkins Board of Education selected community member Matthew Haile to fill the open seat vacated by former president Chris Acre during a regular meeting Oct. 12.

Superintendent Shade Gilbert said Acre resigned during the meeting and the board received it.

Following that decision, Gilbert said, the board was reorganized and James Rooney moved into the president position, Ashley Ealy vice president and Lisa Stacy secretary.

Gilbert said that after the reorganization, the board appointed Haile to fill Acre’s vacant position.

Acre served for 35 years on the Guy-Perkins School Board.

Gilbert said Acre resigned because he felt it was time and that he had served long enough.

He said the district is grateful for Acre’s many years of service and wishes him the best on his future endeavors.

"We’re going to miss him," Gilbert said.

Gilbert said while he hadn’t met Haile before the board meeting, he seemed like a "fine, professional gentleman," who will make a great addition to the board.

Gilbert said the board selected Haile because he was a member of the community with good, common sense.

"I guess it went more to his character than anything," he said. "That’s what I gathered from the conversation I heard."

During the meeting, the board also voted in Dan Michael, who ran in the 2016 school elections and whose one-year term had expired, for another year.

Gilbert said both were sworn in during the meeting by Faulkner County Clerk Margaret Darter.

Darter said Michael ran last year but because he didn’t receive any votes, the open seat position was left vacant.

She said because of that, he had to be appointed by the board, which means he should’ve run this year in the school election in September but Darter said Guy-Perkins didn’t have anybody file.

While she doesn’t understand why nobody ran, Darter said the law doesn’t say the district can’t do it that way so the clerk’s office "just went on."

She said both Haile and Michael will need to run during next year’s school election, which based on new legislation passed — Act 910 of 2017 allows school boards to change the date of the annual school elections — will be in November 2018 voted on by Guy-Perkins board members recently.