Teachers and students at Conway High School got in the holiday spirit by wearing costumes to take part in Halloween festivities Tuesday.

A group of three math teachers, Katy Jo Whisnant, Shiloh Harder and Christi Rye and art teacher Crystal Certain took the opportunity to join together and show the school their creative side by dressing up as stick figures.

Whisnant said this is their second year to dress up as a group for a Halloween. She said last year they chose characters from the Disney movie, "Frozen."

"I love our fun group," Whisnant said. "Our whole department is awesome about participating. We like to have a good time so the kids can see that we are actually people. Plus, it makes the day more fun."

The five-year CHS teacher said Halloween isn’t the only day the teachers take advantage of being allowed to come in costume.

Whisnant said the whole hallway of professionals in the math and art department dressed up for recent spirit week festivities.

She said they did PacMan characters, took on rock star personas and went back in time on the throwback day to their graduation cap and gowns.

"My favorite part about our group is that we get to laugh and have fun with it all," Whisnant said. "The kids like to see us dressed up."

She said the students tend to have a "what are they doing this time," wonderment.

"It’s a lot of fun," Whisnant said.

This year, she said, they even had a teacher competition that was put on by the Renaissance Club, and the English department won.

"They kicked our butts," Whisnant said.

She said CHS Principal Jason Lawrence encourages teachers and students to dress up, in appropriate costumes, to improve school culture and make school a fun place to be.

"We do it for the kids," Whisnant said.