Good morning, brothers and sisters. God is good and His love is everlasting and Jesus is Lord and Savior! Many think they are going to get into Heaven without Jesus. So many think there are other ways they can enter into the Kingdom of God but they don’t understand.

Jesus said in John 14:6: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through Me." John 10:9 reads: (this is Jesus talking) "I am the Door, if anyone enters by Me he will be saved and will go in and out and find pastures."

Now, why is that so hard for some to understand? Many of you may not understand why I always talk about Jesus. The reason why is because He is the real deal! And He is the one who laid down His life for you and me! He died so we can come through that door and that door is Him! In other words, we have to come through Him. Yes, He died but He got up out of that grave in three days.

We have to get it though our heads and heart that Jesus is the most important person who ever walked this earth. Jesus the Son of the Living God! Brothers and sisters, He is standing at your door (your heart) and knocking to come in! Why don’t you open that door and let Him come in? You may be saying; Brother Marcus, you don’t know my story. You don’t know the sin I have committed.

You are right, I don’t know but Jesus knows all things and He still wants you to let Him into your heart so He can fix what you messed up. He will forgive you of all your sins. So let Him in. Is there anything too hard for God? If you don’t open up your mouth and ask Him to come into your heart, He won’t come in! Jesus won’t break down that door and come in, He is waiting on you to invite Him into your heart.

Just say, "Jesus come into my heart and I make You my Lord and Savior." Just ask Him to create in you a clean heart. After all, He is the only one who can forgive sin and clean you up! The most important thing in this world is your soul and Jesus is the soul cleaner. The real you is your soul. The real you is going to spend eternity one day, either in Heaven or hell! The real you, you can’t see even in the mirror. That’s because the real you is spirit.

When God breathed life in man, he became a spirit, a living soul. In closing, I want to leave you with these encouraging words. It doesn’t matter who you are or what sin you have committed. God still loves you so much but He hates sin. That’s why it is so important to open your mouth and ask God to forgive you of your sin.

Listen, as long as we are on this side of the cross we are going to commit some kind of sin and when we do, just ask God to forgive you. Jesus died so that we may be forgiven of our sins. It’s only through His grace and mercy we are here today. Now give God some praise! Amen…

Marcus Chandler is a longtime pastor and columnist. Contact him at or (501) 908-9507.