The Central Baptist College softball team has found a replacement for Kirsten Drage in assistant coach Jordan Jones.

Jones, a former four-year letterman at CBC, is returning to campus after spending the last month as the assistant coach at the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville.

Jones served as Drage’s assistant before Drage resigned earlier this month.

"It’s so good to be back at CBC," she said. "I have several years here. All the people here, staff and faculty, have made huge impacts on where I am today. I had the opportunity over the summer to take another job at another college.

"When I left, I was kind of torn about it. I had a feeling that I would be back at CBC. Little did I know God had it planned pretty quickly."

Jones gave a glimpse into her philosophy when talking about coaches she played for or worked with at CBC.

"I was very fortunate to be under two very ends of the coaching spectrum," she said. "I played under coach [Jason] Anderson and [Crystal] Robinson. They were very ‘grip it and rip it.’ I coached under coach Drage. She was very technical and chaotic on the bases.

"I plan to take the best of both worlds and be aggressive, but complicated. I already know all the girls here, and the ones coming in, I was a part of bringing them in. I already know their strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to getting to work with them. We’re going to get them out there pretty early."

Jones spent time at CBC as a catcher and a utility player. She said her work as a catcher helped with different aspects for her coaching career.

"As a catcher, you’re kind of like a general back there," she said. "It challenges you to see the field and take a little bit of initiative of understanding other areas of the field. As far as pitching goes, I also have a lot of pitching philosophy down. Catching definitely gave me an upper hand on that."

Jones said the team will start working soon The season beginshe season Feb. 2.