Welcome to the new online Log Cabin Democrat. Our site platform is part of our company's push to make all of our Web sites more user-friendly and interactive.

We hope while we are still working out a few of the last-minute kinks, you will poke around the site and find a few of its neat aspects. We are especially proud of several areas:

• Interactivity — click on the "Interact" menu at the top of the page, and you'll see the various parts of the site that allow visitors to become part of our information team. From forums to blogs, we'll be encouraging visitors to become "owners" of the site's content. Of course, there are still familiar options to contribute — Spotted photo galleries and comments on stories.

• Resource material — The "Resources" menu will be one that we'll be adding to every week, and we expect regular visitors to see a lot of benefit from the databases and other types of content there. The one menu item we expect users will use the most is the "Events" tab. From there, anyone can add items of interest to the calendar.

• Up-to-the-minute information — Perhaps the biggest change visitors will notice in our new site is that we'll be updating it throughout the day and night. The site will become THE go-to place for breaking news and information for Faulkner County.

So, please take a few minutes (or a few hours) and look around. Make www.thecabin.net your home page and check in whenever you get a chance. If you're looking for anything relating to Faulkner County and Conway, you'll find it here.

Let us know what you think.