One of my regular readers who is getting to be quite the rumor ranger pointed me in the direction of a pretty great tidbit last week. This little nugget is going to get things rolling.

The rumor was that something called Umami was coming to Amity Road. Without revealing all my methods (a girl has to have a little mystery), I discovered that there was such a place planning a restaurant at 500 Amity Road, Suites 1 and 2, where ICT used to be. With a little more digging I learned that Umami Japanese Fusion Restaurant, located in Russellville, is most definitely opening a new location in Conway.

The menu has an extensive selection of sushi as well as a hibachi menu and salads, soup, noodles, etc. Compared to the number of Chinese and Mexican places in town, Conway has few Japanese restaurants, so I think another one is welcome.

Last week I mentioned that Dave Ward Drive is the new Mecca in town for quick-service restaurants. On Amity Road and the surrounding area near Conway Commons, we have a lot of casual dining. Mulan’s, Las Palmas, Chili’s, Logan’s and TGI Friday’s are all nicely situated if you are doing a lot of shopping, and Umami will add a different option to the area.

In my somewhat self-appointed mission to keep you updated on the proliferation of private clubs in Conway, I bring you this latest piece of news. Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe has received approval from the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to serve liquor. The restaurant will be located in the former Pizza Inn building on Oak Street.

Taziki’s will serve Greek fare and is set to open Sept. 1.

A couple of years ago I swore off Black Friday like it was the Black Death, however I have learned to appreciate a good sale. While I still don’t see myself camping out at Best Buy for two days before Thanksgiving, I get a little excited when I spot those red stickers that say "clearance."

Last week I had just such an experience. I was looking for a particular piece of furniture, one I had put off buying for a while. I walked into a local retailer with some hope of getting a good deal, but honestly thinking I might save $100 or so.

When the sales clerk found out what I needed, she said she had one stashed in the very back of the warehouse for $79. It was marked down from about $500. I couldn’t pass it up. It was even the right color. The item is looking quite nice in the house just now. What a great day.

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